Volunteering 79, NR5 YR 11, Nathan and Shane cutting fence-post tops and painting rails
Bradley refusing (supervision order infringement) and Ryan copying
Later Ryan did not betray trust when I handed him the ranger keys to unlock it for Richard - and he handed the keys back to me promptly, although he had been pestering for access to the vehicle all morning,, Nathan discussed a memorable sailing experience - a large yacht trip from Brightlingsea to Ipswich. He said, It calmed me down by getting me away from all the trouble I was in. , Spoke to a May Gurney foreman and a finance officer about work experience for Shane and Nathan,, Sonia and the other staff spent a lot of time in controlling mode. They and the girls only managed the fire and cooking
The bad boys had to cook their own food
Interesting taped off footpath and jogger who must had limboed under the tape!