Volunteering 74, NR5 Year 11, List of tools for task, added to list and marked numbers taken, so making the site safe by leaving no tools behind
Continued work on the pathway from the meadow to the pump house. Worked well, having clarified the task. R. was not working today, nor the girls, S and T, who were cold and complaining about the lack of a toilet
(Aspergers) had been having a very bad week, after a medication review, but was calm enough by the end of the session
D. has a stormy relationship with several of the other boys, especially this week K
who can be violent or aggressive.
End of day review for all volunteers
Suggested a map showing where we are all working, and proposed plans
After discussion in the office all volunteers went on a site tour
Started with a visit to the pump house, followed by other sites around Whitlingham Woods. It transpired that one of the gateways represents a hazard to the new (longer) Ranger vehicles.