Volunteering 159, GYHS - Session 12, No photos today -, Revetment work along the Yare, where people have worn away the banks and this might allow floods to breach if it continues
Keira, Liam, Jack and Izzy came with Debra - Martin off with a broken nose, others doing exam work
Liam Fox and Keith Sowter assisted, Edgar and Russell with their ranger vehicles to transport tools and hoggin from the quarry to the far side of the broad, where three bad erosions have started
We finished two using boards, stakes and some rope
I showed Keira a clove hitch (again)
Boards were nailed and back-filled around the rope ties which were pegged under the infill.
We also picked litter neraby and planned some future paths where the Great Broad circular path had flooded and forced an informal riverside alternative path to develop.